Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting

In which we are visitated by a ghost and a cousin.

Held on Saturday 25th October 2008 in Burrell's Field.

Present: Ignatius, James, Ed, Hettie (Ed's cousin), Jack, CGM, Alicia, Rosie, Rachel, The Ghost of Emily Pankhurst ("I've lost my horse.")
Later present: Elena, Twillo.

  1. Meeting opened 4.20.
  2. Ed: "It's somewhat distressing when you expect Alan Bennett to be everyone." 5-0-2. Carried.
  3. Visitors can vote. 4-0-0. Carried.
  4. [CGM APOLOGISES FOR NEXT WEEK - FIELD TRIP with marshy bits.]
  5. Alicia is definitely not stalking Will.
  6. Ed: "Being isomorphic to bamboo is a distinct advantage in <a game that consists mostly of trees>." 7-2-1. Carried.
  7. Milk before or after tea; off - testing.
  8. It's important. 4-3-2-1 [It's easier not to ask CR].
  9. Let's vote on this first. Paradox. 7-3-0. Carried.
  10. We should hold the EGM the afternoon of the Dinner. 8-0-2. Carried.
  11. Six years ago, we voted that James thought ^. 3-5-1. Failed.
  12. Many happy returns of Rachel's birthday. 8-0-2. Carried.
  13. Queue or stack - it all depends on what Ed feels like. 6-3-0-1 [Alicia says it's a small squid].
  14. Why don't we play phone-tag and try to get Simeon to get a room in Pem?
  15. Putting it on the table would be admitting defeat. 7-2-1. Carried.
  16. Ed's mace cake is very mace-flavoured.
  17. CGM: "Tea is nice." 10-0-1. Carried.
  18. If Jack climbed Everest [s]he [I heard it as Rachel not Jack. Ed.] would take a little mini pressure cooker. 7-4-0. Carried.
  19. Nobody will volunteer for Secretary as they're being mean to Ed. Carried.
  20. The Ghost of Emily Pankhurst is really not running out of books.
  21. Twillo's face is a different colour this week. 6-2-2. Carried.
  22. Lots of cake - Rachel's chocolate cake from Fitzbillie's.
  23. There is space over there. 4-2-2-1 [Alicia a four-couple longwise set].
  24. Commend the person for bringing the chocolate cake. 9-0-2-1 [Twillo x2].
  26. Censure Neil. 4-2-5. Carried.
  27. We should rebel against the ancient traditions. 2-2-2-1 [Elena paradox]. Hung - CR decides for.
  28. One paradox means we don't need two. 5-7-1. Failed.
  29. We should both phone Alex (at once). 9-1-1. Carried.
  30. GEP: "We only almost ended up camping out on Norwich station because we are excellent at planning." 7-0-2-1. Carried.
  31. Everyone wants party rings. 4-5-2. Failed.
  32. Twillo might have opened a sub-meeting, but it was promptly closed.
  33. CGM: "Nobody's allergic to chocolate so" 7-3-1-1 [Jack - meaninglessnessness].
  34. Pepto-Bismol is wrong - they shouldn't make pink things that taste of banana. 9-0-2. Carried.
  35. <Minutes of 18/10>.
  36. Commend Jack for helpfully emailing old members. 9-0-1. Carried.
  37. Will said "scary girls". 11-0-1. Carried. [He is hiding under the bed at this point.]
  38. Reading: NT2 – Tigger has Breakfast.
  39. It is a bit weird with Will under the bed. 7-4-1. Carried.
  40. SF authors' middle initials.
  41. We should talk louder at Will. 4-3-2. Carried.
  42. Alicia saw a bloke with a huge axe walking round the Art [there is no Art dept. in Cam. Ed 1/11] Department.
  43. Vaccines give you half the disease?
  44. Closed 6-3-1-1 [Roseanna Battenburg].

Roseanna to host.

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