Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting

In which both Eds do as they are told.

Held on Saturday 6th December 2008 in West Strachey, Newnham.

Present – James, Ignatius, Carol, Roseanna, Rachel, Ed, Alicia, Peter (a Cousin).
  1. 4.05pm - Meeting opened.
  2. Prequels are bad.
  3. D.I.Y. tea – perhaps not so well thought-out.
  4. If we give the diddy kettle lots of water perhaps it will grow.
  5. There are always more mince pies. 5-0-0-0.
  6. Commend Roseanna on finding the bin. 4-0-1-0.
  7. England vs. Scotland were in the final of elephant polo.
  8. The Loch Ness Monster is clearly an elephant swimming underwater- the wavy bit is its trunk. 2-3-0-0.
  9. Ed ingressus est, bearing an enormous axe.
  10. Commend Ed on his axe. 5-0-1-0.
  11. Censure Will for LARPing. 4-1-1-0.
  12. Commend James on his zombie/vampire/whatever it was coffin mime. 5-0-1-0.
  13. Censure people for not being silly about cutting biscuits. 5-1-0-0.
  14. James is not going to be defeated by a packet of biscuits. 3-3-0-0. C.R. decides against.
  15. James is defeated by a packet of biscuits.
  16. This is like Chrononauts. 4-0-1-0.
  17. We haven’t yet killed Hitler. 4-1-0-0. But what does “yet” mean in relation to time-travel? It all depends on how fast your time-machine is.
  18. Enter Alicia and Cousin (Peter).
  19. Visitors can vote. 6-0-0-0.
  20. There will be a short test at the end. Candidates are reminded to write only on one side of the paper at a time.
  21. <Minutes of last week> are read.
  22. Spilling tea on the minutes is probably traditional.
  23. They’re talking science.
  24. Facebook – not the fount of all knowledge.
  25. Jon is the anti-tact. 3-0-3-2 (syndio-tact; blu-tac).
  26. Ed is jealous of the Biologists because they get to play with long words this term.
  27. Mandate Ed to invent a long word. 5-1-0-1 (he should just say “sesquilinear” a lot).
  28. Discombobularatmospheritude – the tendency of someone to have an aura of confusion around him/her. {not Ed’s invented word… supplied by Ignatius}
  29. There are two types of dictionary – English and Orange. 3-3-0-2 (banana; fear-a-saurus).
  30. We are unable to find the Latin for “pumpkinification” though we know it exists.
  31. 2 an hour to hire the whole of Cardiff… much cheaper than London.
  32. Cyclodiplacentolysis – cut the cake in half and pass it on. {Ed has invented his word}.
  33. Motion that giant, fluffy, pink elephants can vote. 4-4-0-0 C.R. *thumbs down* {this is decided to mean “against”, and not to spark a historical debate}.
  34. All elephants can vote. 4-4-0-0. C.R. decides “for”.
  35. Flocked elephants would be no better in polo.
  36. Reading – In Which Kanga and Baby Roo Come to the Forest, and Piglet Has a Bath.
  37. Motion that Ignatius should be Piglet. 6-0-0-1 (“I object” <high-pitched> (Ignatius))
  38. James challenges Ignatius to a high-pitched squeaky-voice off.
  39. Commend Ignatius on high-pitched voice. 6-0-1-0.
  40. Commend James on superior high-pitched voice. 4-1-2-1 (“look at me voting” <high-pitched> (James)).
  41. Mandate Ignatius to write a poem about passing the Caramel Digestives.7-0-1-0.

  42. That choc’late-y food,
    Filled with biscuitey goodness,
    Get it over here.
  43. Ed reads the poem about foxes.
  44. Discussion of the Sci-Fi library and alphabetising.
  45. Carol has Twillo’s soul.
  46. Alicia fails to put coat on.
  47. Alicia and Cousin exeunt.
  48. There’s not going to be a coup. 4-2-0-0.
  49. Sunday starts at 2pm. 2-4-0-0.
  50. Close meeting. 6-0-0-0.

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