Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 06/11/99 in Room 4, 32 Panton Street : where we learn lots of new things.

Present : Jenny, Martin, Gina, Richard, Neil, Owen, Yasmin, Rob, Michael, Jeremy, Emily, Ben

Apologies : Claire, Peter, Chris

  1. Ben manages to open the meeting even though he is in Chesterton.

  2. Yasmin is wearing a jumper with naked people on it.

  3. Jenny has a gothic computer.

  4. Good quality tarts are going cheap this week.

  5. Rob is not pregnant.

  6. Rob reads the minutes.

  7. Yasmin has eaten too much cake.

  8. Since it is such a blustery day the reading will be "In which Piglet does a very grand thing".

  9. A lot of the characters are missing today so:
    Owen Wols and Michael Poohs.

  10. Jenny gets very confused over Owen's name.

  11. Ben prefers to come in the back way, says Jenny.

  12. Ben arrives but struggles to fit in the room.

  13. Jenny hasn't done well with the freshers.

  14. Vote to congratulate Australia on having an honoury member as a head of state: Passed.

  15. Rob's stiff.

  16. Ben's making Owen loose.

  17. Ben claims that Yasmin and Kirsten sound similar.

  18. Ben thinks we should re-open negotiations with Sheila and her Dog society (spit, spit).

  19. Are we still at war with SaHDs (s,s) no-one seams to actually know.

  20. People discuss how many SaHDs (s,s) meetings they have been to.

  21. There are less wino's on the streets these days, they've all been made fellows.

  22. Why are there no Varsities in the porters lodge these days.

  23. Emily arrives.

  24. We try to decide on people the society could write to.

  25. Owen suggests we write to the Inland revenue as they wrote to him to ask his address.

  26. Michael educates us in basic Physics by repeatedly turning the light on and off.

  27. Jenny has a light up bear.

  28. Rob once catalogued all the books in his bedroom.

  29. Wills are discussed.

  30. We learn why jumpers are called jumpers.

  31. Next week's meeting in AA20.

  32. Vote to close: F:4, A:0, Ab:4, Sb:1.

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