Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 13/11/99 in AA20

Present : Michael, Owen, Granny, Martin, Peter, Jeremy, Ben, Annelies, Rob, Claire, Yasmin, Richard, Neil

Apologies : Jenny, Jon, Jenny T (visiting a friend), Chris

Guests : Richard

  1. Meeting opened by Ben.

  2. Granny's six foot rod has a spiky end.

  3. Ben suggests we put Rob on trial for failing to censure the whole of France. F:1 A:3 Ab:3

  4. Vote to allow visitors to vote F:8 A:1 Ab:1

  5. Dave Henderson is mentioned.

  6. We got a 10 GAC allocation.

  7. I think she's strange say's Granny.

  8. Rob wants a finger.

  9. Ben wants to be an honoury girl.

  10. Reading "In which Pooh invents a new game and Eeyore joins in.", Michael - Narrates, Peter reads the part of Pooh.

  11. Vote that Peter has to sing F:5 A:1 Ab:5

  12. Ben uses the word cripes.

  13. Ben and Rob interrupt the reading.

  14. The linguist was wrong.

  15. Vote to censure Ben and Rob for interrupting the reading. F:8 A:1 Ab:2

  16. Everyone clears their throats simultaneously.

  17. Michael looses it and starts seeing innuendo in every line.

  18. The reading leaves all those present in hysterics.

  19. Yasmin arrives and steals Claire.

  20. Yasmin and Claire return with a cake for Jeremy.

  21. Will the candles set the fire alarm off, thankfully not.

  22. Granny's impressed with the size of Michael's equipment.

  23. We discuss cake cutting theory.

  24. Richard and Neil arrive.

  25. Vote to censure Richard and Neil, Carried.

  26. Ben goes under the table.

  27. Granny's stalker returns.

  28. Reading finishes.

  29. Rob leaves.

  30. Jeremy reads the minutes.

  31. Granny makes a compsci joke.

  32. Owen has received a letter from the student loans company saying that they don't accept photocopies. However he send them a fax of the originals.

  33. Michael gives us a recap of last weeks physics lesson. Lesson 2 will be next week and involves forks and mains sockets.

  34. Peter has Pooh socks.

  35. The cakes have won today.

  36. Granny's stalker leaves.

  37. Yasmin does an impression of Basil Brush.

  38. Granny's lost it for no apparent reason.

  39. Next week's meeting in AA23.

  40. Vote to close F:8 A:1 Ab:3 Sb:1

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