Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 20/11/99 in AA23

Present : Jeremy, Richard, Annelies, Martin, Neil, Claire, Owen, Rob, Ben, Emily, Mike, Mad Jenny, Jon, Kirsten, Benedict

Apologies : Yasmin, Granny, Michael

Guests : Anthony.

  1. Ben declares the meeting open.

  2. Politics are discussed.

  3. Anthony chooses his church by the quality of cake and tea they offer.

  4. More Jaffa cakes should be brought to meetings.

  5. Vote that Rob should bring Jaffa cakes to the next meeting: Passed

  6. Vote that Anthony can vote: Passed

  7. Vote that Anthony can't vote for the rest of the meeting: Passed

  8. The poor attendance is noted.

  9. Emily is playing with Ben's bottom.

  10. Mad Jenny arrives.

  11. Reading "In which Tigger is unbounced."

  12. The obligatory testament joke is made.

  13. Anthony reads Pooh for old times sake.

  14. Kirsten, Benedict and Jon arrive.

  15. Tiggers don't get lost due to GPS.

  16. Vote to congratulate Rob on his Narrating: F:6, A:0, Ab:4

  17. Jenny drops marshmallows on the floor.

  18. Jon reads the minutes.

  19. Vote to censure Ben for suggesting we stop calling Mad Jenny, Mad Jenny. Passed

  20. Vote to censure Martin for ratting on his president. : Passed

  21. Dave Henderson is mentioned.

  22. Granny's six foot rod is actually a shunters pole.

  23. Ben plugs his panto.

  24. Vote to censure Jon for being a Geek: failed.

  25. The web page should be accessible by Christmas.

  26. Vote to censure Michael for not giving us the second Physics lesson: Passed

  27. Rob has Pooh socks.

  28. Vote that Martin can rescind one censure of his choice: Passed.

  29. Vote to censure Jon for not wanting to come to Poohsoc this week: Passed.

  30. Vote to censure Jon for coming to Poohsoc when he is infectious: Passed.

  31. Rob won't be in the country over New years eve.

  32. Mad Jenny demonstrates why she is called mad.

  33. Ben calls Jenny hideous.

  34. Ben and Rob speak German.

  35. Votes for aaaaaaarrrrraaaaaaaarrrggghhaargh (proposed Benedict seconded Anthony): Passed

  36. Owen invites us all to a tea Party on 29th at 4pm in his room. He will be 91.

  37. We need to attract new members.

  38. Jeremy apologizes for his excepted absence next week.

  39. Any one who joins next week we will donate their membership fees to Children in Need.

  40. Next weeks meeting somewhere.

  41. Vote to close: Passed.

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