Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 27/11/99 in L3.

Present : Richard, Martin, Peter, Rob, Jeremy, Granny, Owen, Mad Jenny, Yasmin.

Apologies : Ben, Annelies, Neil, Michael, Claire, Chris.

  1. Meeting opened by Martin.

  2. Chris's speakers are discussed.

  3. Reading: "In which Eeyore discovers a Wolery and owl moves in."

  4. People are required to read more than one part as we have very few members.

  5. Jenny arrives telling us how her boat were finalists.

  6. Pembroke's buildings are discussed.

  7. Peter leaves.

  8. Granny reads the minutes.

  9. Mad Jenny apologises for her expected absence next week.

  10. The bop is discussed.

  11. Yasmin arrives.

  12. Vote to thank Chris Rycroft for allowing us to use his room: F:6 A:1 Ab:1 Passed.

  13. Owen's not had any silly letters this week.

  14. Owen reminds of his tea party.

  15. Martin apologises for his absence next week and the few after that. (I am at home till next term).

  16. Next weeks meeting AA25

  17. Vote to close: F:5 A:0 Ab:3 passed.

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