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Poohsticks Results

Freshers' Poohsticks 2009 - Saturday 24th October 2009

World Poohsticks Championship 2009 - Sunday 29th March 2009

Bridge Crawl 2008 - Easter Term 2008 sometime

Pilgrimmage 2008 - Saturday 19th April 2008

Michaelmas Term Pooksticks Trials - Saturday 27th October 2007

Lent Term Pooksticks Trials - Saturday 11th March 2006

Freshers' Pooksticks Trials - Saturday 29th October 2005

The Inter-Varsity Poohsticks Championships 2003 - Sunday 30th November 2003

The Freshers Poohsticks Match - Saturday 18th October 2003

Poohsticks Home

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