Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

In which there are mysterious chocolate cakes.

Held on Saturday 2nd February 2008 on Warkworth Road.

Present: Lisa, Owen, CGM, James, Ed, Jack
Apologies: Jack (sic), Carol.

  1. Cake opened 4.11.
  2. Zucchini would be a weird ingredient; mayonnaise, being egg and oil, makes sense.
  3. Cake 1 contains cinnamon and red wine.
  4. Ed: "You don't eat cheese strings for the taste, you eat them for the mechanical properties."
  5. Salt'n'shake la margarine - it came with separate yellow in twentieth-century America.
  6. Lisa has no dry spaghetti: in fact she has no spaghetti.
  7. Lisa spent the day doing it on purpose. Oo-er.
  8. Jack would call his bed ‘purpose’.
  9. Jack never used to actually suck it. Oo-er.
  10. Commend James for being early/Early. 5-0-1. Carried.
  11. We mention Dave Henderson.
  12. Censure Alex for being Late. 4-1-1. Carried.
  13. CGM desperately wants her own frying pan with a handle.
  14. Three-legged frying pan called spiders.
  15. CGM thinks that someone else should read the minutes so he can write minutes while they are being read. 4-1-1. Carried.
  16. Lisa: “You could put butter and honey on both sides and eat it really quickly.”
  17. Reading of minutes from last week by Lisa.
  18. James’ bread (made with paprika) with one or more of (butter, honey, marmalade).
  19. Owen: “It’s quite good having four jars of marmalade.”
  20. Cake 2 contains beetroot.
  21. Ed has pink things he wants to sell you.
  22. Tesco Value has white and blue stripes. And red, like France.
  23. The bin is still stalking us. <minutes from 3/11/07>
  24. CGM reads Hoppity.
  25. Ed reads Lines & Squares, featuring Lisa as Bears. Ed has now used up his # allowance for this term.
  26. Owen reads Bad Sir Brian Botany, featuring James as the eponymous Sir.
  27. Reading OT 4:  Eeyore loses a tail.
  28. Lisa to Ed: “Can I be your tail?”
  29. Lisa loves it when Owen writes essays.
  30. Owen assumes that there are rooms in Newnham.
  31. Censure all except Lisa & Owen for non-Pooh-related discussion. 3-2-1. Carried.
  32. JV: “ Perhaps Poohsoc used to be more like the Mafia”. [Censures used to carry penances.]
  33. Closed. 3-1-2.
  34. Close. 0-0-0-6 as we are no longer in a meeting.
  35. Censure us for not voting on things immediately. 1-1-1-3. CR fails to decide.

Next week’s meeting is to be hosted by James in his pirate-ship-cum-ziggurat.

Carol sends us 2 underneath Jack’s mug. We will send it to the Treasurer, who is Carol.

Lisa & Owen apologise but aren’t very sorry.

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