Minutes of the Eeyore's Gloomy Elevenses Meeting

In which an alumnus is rediscovered and two members suffer excessive or fatal bounces.

Held on Saturday 16th February 2008 in Eeyore's Gloomy Place, Churchill College.

Present: James, Ed, CGM, [Granny] Andrew, Owen & Lisa, Jack.
Apologies: Carol, Becky.

  1. Minerals subjects.
  2. Ed's room is much as before: puddles, gadgets etc. <Minutes 10/11/07>
  3. "These were 44p". Ed points at the crunchy chocolate biscuits. The Leibnitz were at least a quid.
  4. Andrew is a second-generation member: he met the founders.
  5. What happens when CR is absent; the advisability of CR'ing Beetle.
  6. Pins in woodwork.
  7. <Minutes of last week> are read. CR decides in favour of 2: Narffle (improved spelling); and against 16: the Royal Asiatic Society.
  8. Owen: "We should have the minutes in random order". 3-2-1. Carried.
  9. CGM: "Beetles will never be mammals."
  10. Ed: "Jack is in a poor signal area, so it is his fault". 3-2-3. Carried.
  11. Visitor can vote. 5-0-1. Carried. Retrospective for meeting.
  12. Jack thinks that Alex makes sense.
  13. Owen may be not just unusual but disturbing. Or maybe not.
  14. We should open some of this cake. 4-0-3. Carried.
  15. Owen: "The Soup Dragon made green soup, not blue string pudding."
  16. Dave Henderson should be mentioned. Owen therefore does so.
  17. Censure Alex for being Late/absent. 4-1-2. Carried
  18. Commend James for being Early/early. Carried. [How prophetic were those names. Ed]
  19. Reading: NT 4 - Tiggers don't climb trees.
  20. Owen has another shoulder.
  21. CGM fails to take account of Owen.
  22. Commend James for being [good at] the voice of Roo. 6-0-1. Carried. [Proposed for Roo for the AGM. Ed]
  23. Andrew pays the Bag 2 Pooh Levy. Bag owes the Society 2 more.
  24. Jack reads from The Golem by Collins and Pinch.
  25. Parts of Roman months: calends = 1st, nones = 9th, ides ≈ 15th.
  26. Mandate Jack to carbonate a burger. 5-1-1. Carried.
  27. Simon Redford will haunt Andrew. 4-1-1-3. Andrew votes against, but then spoils with three limbs.
  28. Sarahs and Magni.
  29. Andrew: "You could hide in a secret military base at Roswell like that." 4-1-2. James' shades.
  30. Hide and Seek in the UL.
  31. Commend Ed for being together. 3-0-2-1. James spoils as an unchanging crystalline thingy.
  32. Daylighting (American): Digging up an underground river from its culvert.
  33. Two members have suffered 'excessive or fatal bounces' on the mailing list.
  34. Closed 5-1-1.

Next week’s meeting is the AGM and will be held wherever Carol finds.

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