Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting, 14/08/99

Held in: R10, Pembroke College Cambridge.
Present: Jon, Micheal, Gina, Jeremy, Granny, Becky, Kirsten, Benedict, Brian
Apologies: Ben, Becky
Guests: Dave Henderson, Rob (of Brian fame), Emily, Mikey Mike-Mike Mike

  1. Rain starts as we open the meeting, and we organise substitutes for Trough, in the form of The Spreadeagle. Gina arranges a Barry so as not have to walk home in the rain. Meanwhile Micheal works magick on Benedict to keep him asleep.

  2. The Japanese summer school students have apparently amassed a fan club to pursue Becky.

  3. Micheal reports that we have sadly missed our beloved Rabbit-out-of-Residence, Robert. He also manages to imply that Rob's turned professional. The former of these is of course terrible tidings, the latter no surprise to anyone.

  4. Micheal, in a somewhat lord-of-this-world manner, reads the minutes in a dodgy Russian accent. This becomes difficult to understand quite quickly and then by coincidence Kirsten arrives. She rapidly declares that we all want to be involved with Gina's legs, to which agreement is universal but tacit.

  5. Becky arrives and leaves again, wet.

  6. Woo! Thunder! Lightning!

  7. Kirsten spills cake down her cleavage when Jeremy expresses his disappointment at her marriage to Marcus.

  8. Jeremy reports to the Society that Guernsey is boring.

  9. The Reading is, "In which Tigger is Unbounced". Gina plays Rabbit, Kirsten plays Kanga, Granny plays The Forest.

  10. Jeremy is scared by Kirsten's mobile [phone].

  11. Granny's blind turns jagular and drops on Micheal, who is sitting in the window-nook. He adopts it as a blanket.

  12. Becky returns, somewhat drier.

  13. Gina and the phrase, 'astonishing rapidity' occur in close proximity. Which struck me as odd.

  14. Becky reveals the depths of her low cunning by leaving with her tea as soon as it is provided. It's clear what she keeps Granny for, isn't it...

  15. Benedict becomes agitated.

  16. There are gales and stuff outside: it is an extremely blusterous dayTM.

  17. Gina goes off when Barry beeps. This is Poohsoc's first recorded mobile phone interruption ever.

  18. There is multiple weather outside. We call for the weather forecasters' I-Don't-Know symbol with the sun, clouds and rain on it.

  19. Jeremy reads the minutes-so-far of the suspended meeting.

  20. Micheal marries Jeremy but Jeremy applies the same method to divorce him almost at once.

  21. Kirsten elects to put clothes on.

  22. Micheal wasn't at last week's meeting: Jon has mistakenly implied he was in the minutes. This is corrected, along with a glaringly missing end-of-a-sentence type thing.

  23. Vote to murder Jeremy: F., 0, Ag., 2, Abs., 3, spoilt, 1; defeated, though possibly not as strongly as Jeremy might have liked...

  24. Micheal takes over the minuting in a rather cosmic style.

  25. We discuss the potentials of Granny as a paperweight.

  26. Brian arrives in shorts, accompanied by a Dave Henderson who is unable to escape being minuted, and a Rob (of Brian fame).

  27. [I transliterate here direct from the notes, not being wily enough in the ways of the occult. Micheal, if this isn't fit to be on a family web-page you might let me know sharpish... ] "Adgt vpaah sald vir: Ol sonf vorsg goho lad balt linsh calg vorpho."

  28. We cannot decide whether to hold next week's meeting at Kirsten's house or Gina's - the debate rages.

  29. [From the notes: I'm even less sure about putting this up where children might see it]: "I would like to take this opportunity to discuss Brian's T-shirt. It is spectacular. It has vision and a wide appeal such as has never been seen before and never will again..."

  30. Emily and Mike arrive, and Emily promptly gropes Jeremy. They array themselves on the bed.

  31. "What is this - a vision!"

  32. Jeremy twitches violently: Micheal suspects Emily of being involved but is unsure exactly how she managed it. She goes on to mention butter-dishes seductively at Jeremy.

  33. Next week's meeting will be at Gina's, 11 Marks Way, Girton. Jon comments that Gina seems unable to avoid Marks in one form or another.

  34. We vote to close with a sentiment of death to Hawaiian T-shirts (Micheal has put more here but my word processor won't handle the Greek alphabet): F., 6, Ag., 0, Abs., 1, Spoilt, 1; carried.

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