Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting, 21/08/99

Held in: 11 Mark's Way, Girton, Cambridgeshire (possibly Poohsoc's first ever scheduled venture outside the city limits!)
Present: Brian, Gina, Jon
Apologies: Micheal, Benedict, Kirsten.
Guests: Mikey Mike Mike Nonethewiser

  1. Brian welcomes Jon by assaulting him with new-learnt Aikido.

  2. Jon asks Gina: "Is that a telescope in your back room or are you just pleased to see us?" It is in fact a telescope.

  3. We discuss pixies, and Brian denies ever having tried to set Jon up with Gina. Jon is unable to produce the relevant minutes, they being the week-before-last's, and Brian thus triumphantly declares the case closed.

  4. We decide that Gina's dog has funny eyes and exile him to the computer room. He escapes, but Gina denies that he is clever enough to open the door and join the meeting even after he has a couple of goes at it.

  5. Brian harasses Gina but desists on the promise of cake.

  6. We all agree that "In Which a House is Built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore" would be a fine reading, and therefore read it. Jon reads and plays all parts, having to refresh himself with tea in order to play Piglet on most occasions. Problems arise at the one point where Pooh and Piglet have to say something together but Jon ducks under the occasion.

  7. Brian reads the minutes erratically until Gina takes them off him. She reads them until she is unable to due to laughter and Mike therefore takes over and reads them in the style of an A. R. M. employee.

  8. Brian is offended at Micheal's inability to recognise a short-sleeved shirt when he sees one.

  9. Brian weeps at missing the last fondant fancy and Gina, who has been bored in the house all by herself, shows us photoes before we can leave.

  10. Jon recites Ogden Nash [did I? Anyone know which one? I can't remember. Must have been 'The Wapiti' or 'Candy is Dandy', they're the only two I can remember off the top of my head.]

  11. Gina has a lot of Marks in strange places. Unconnectedly she tells us all about purity scores.

  12. Mike requests that the dog be secluded again so he can go to the loo, and this takes a little time.

  13. Jon and Brian decided, on Mike's return, to make him paranoid. Despite telling him that's what they're doing, they do remarkably well. After all, they were probably just saying that...

  14. We meet Gina's cat who is called Siouxsie.

  15. An hour or so of random banter ensues while Jon is sat on by a cat.

  16. Having realised that the last hour has not been Pooh-related, we vote to close: F., 2, Ag., 0, Abs., 1; carried. So endeth the meeting.

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