Minutes of the Meetings of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Held on 5th October 2003 in Room 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens

Present: Owen, Richard M-H, Neil M-H, Rosy, Jack, Alison

Apologies: Naath, Katie, Rachel, Dunstan, Martin

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Owen has baked an Apple Crumble Cake.

  3. The minutes of the meeting on 21st June are read by Jack, Rosy and Mair.

  4. Pooh levies: Vote to set a Pooh Levy at £2. Passed.

  5. Owen pays his Pooh Levy.

  6. Vote to censure Neil for failing to provide change so Mair can pay her Pooh Levy. Passed

  7. So do Rosy, Richard, Alison and Jack.

  8. Richard makes a donation on behalf of Neil M-H.

  9. No Biscuit League next week: the League will restart on 18th October.

  10. T-Shirts will be organdised when the later, when the Freshers have arrived.

  11. Vote to make George Orwell and That Other Bloke (Andrew Stapley) honorary members for their services to the Tea-Drinking Community. Passed.

  12. Reading: Chapter 1 of A House at Pooh Corner, "In which a House is built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore."

  13. Votes to censure all those in Cambridge and not here. Passed.

  14. Means of keeping the ears warm whilst cycling are discussed: hair is suggested, but it is felt that to be effective it ought to be woven into a cloth. The merits of hair as a means of securing glasses to the head are also drawn to our attention.

  15. Rosy will hassle gently remind people about things they need to do: Neil needs the cashbox at the Squashes, Katie needs to fix a time for Poohsticks training.

  16. Owen will send round an e-mail about the Pooh Levy and new year’s membership before we add the Freshers to the list, and will send next week’s place-date-and-time announcement.

  17. We’ll be here until the next millennium figuring out which of the old motions are confusing. Passed.

  18. If the Pembroke Players try to hold auditions in our meeting we’ll carry on round them. We feel this has potential.

  19. A new challenge for Owen, teaching Green Stuffed Dragons to count.

  20. We’ll have a copy of the Hour of Minutes at the Freshers’ Fair.

  21. Let’s all sit here quietly and stare at Jack: Passed.

  22. Votes to censure all those not being quiet: Passed

  23. Jack’s going to do a dance routine for us next week. Passed.

  24. We speculate as to what sort of dancing.

  25. Owen’s brother hit a tree on a motorbike at 70mph ... But why was a tree...?

  26. God doesn’t exist. But his sense of humour does. Many things could be explained by this theory. They include the duck billed platypus.

  27. Possible EGM dates are the 8th and 15th of November... the only preference expressed so far is for the 15th.

  28. It’s an ongoing competition between us and the ants, and we can’t know yet who’ll win. They have a head start, though.

  29. Votes to close: Passed.

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