Minutes of the Meetings of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Held on 12th October 2003 at the Freshersí Squash

Present: Owen, Roz, Dunstan, Rosy, Naath, Jack, Katie

Guests: Isobel, Sarah, Aubretia, Cecilia, Chess, Edith, Gwawr, Olly

Apologies: Katie, Rachel C, Rachel H, Neil

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Votes to let visitors vote. Passed

  3. It must be National Enjoy Your Hair Day.

  4. They keep his head in a box because it kept being stolen.

  5. Rozís deadlines canít reach her outside Greater London. Rather unfortunately, Cambridge deadlines appear not to be restricted by geography.

  6. The minutes are read by Chess, Edith and Aubretia.

  7. Roz: In places, there are places

  8. Bad Art is discussed, especially in the context of heaps of scrap-metal.

  9. College food and eating facilities.

  10. Roz lived in Kingís Cross. Station. In a sleeping bag.

  11. Katie arrives, cursing the trains.

  12. Death.

  13. Votes to censure Alison. Passed.

  14. We could all have a book and read sentences at random. Failed.

  15. Heís a postgrad muso so Iíll attack him in the Faculty and find out who he is.

  16. The Reading: Chapter 7 of The Old Testament "In which Kanga and Baby Roo come to the Forest and Piglet has a Bath."

  17. Itís not "the true purpose of PoohSoc", but it is one of a long list. Passed.

  18. The minutes might do anything. Passed.

  19. Dunstan reads us his letter from the Council.

  20. "... because various people are trying to kill me." It takes some of those present several seconds to realise that this remark has a perfectly rational explanation.

  21. May you rest in peace. Passed.

  22. In a wholly (we think) unprecedented move, the Society attempts to flee the Freshers.

  23. Tradition is hot. Passed.

  24. Tradition is a dish best served cold. Passed.

  25. Votes to censure tradition for being hot when we want it cold. Passed.

  26. Votes to censure Martin for not being here yesterday. Passed.

  27. We should censure Neil a couple of times lest we forget how. Passed.

  28. Votes to censure Neil for (delete as appropriate) not being here in his giraffe costume or not dropping in to see us.

  29. We should slow down to allow the secretary to catch up. Passed.

  30. Weíre kind like that. Passed.

  31. We play musical biscuits. To the accompaniment of the tune inside Katieís head.

  32. Votes to mandate Edith to make tea on a barbecue. Passed.

  33. House warming parties (especially incendiary ones) are discussed.

  34. That was subtle. Passed.

  35. Roz: Weíre such a small circle now we could play that patting game.

  36. How is Jesusís fortunes going?

  37. We pass the biscuits some more.

  38. Thatís Jack.

  39. Dunsatn only had two today, but Nick canít come.

  40. Little birds have been walking all over the biscuits.

  41. Katie has turned into a packet of biscuits. Jack isnít here so we canít ask him if sheís as beautiful.

  42. Henry Pootleís had a hard day.

  43. We should plait their hair together so they can appreciate it jointly.

  44. Roz: How do you eat normal people?

  45. We should all sing "Happy Birthday" at 7:07 on Tuesday: Passed.

  46. Chess (Michelle Hart), Edith (James Robert Bowe) and Naath pay their Pooh Levies.

  47. Naath: We had this thing at school where you stood in the middle of the circle and people took turns to attack you. Jack: We had something like that at my school. It was called bullying.

  48. Sheíd never been in a tent. Sheís from Australia.

  49. Letís all nip off down to the beach: Passed.

  50. Votes to mandate all builders to make cement out of physicists instead of sand. Passed.

  51. Votes to censure it for not turning itself into dinner miraculously. Passed.

  52. Votes to rescind that if it does. Passed.

  53. Votes to close. Passed.

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