Present: Richard, Chess, Naath, Owen, Jonathan, Jack, Katie, Rosy, Dunstan, Alison, Mair, John-h, Neil

Not present: Tom

Apologies: `Haven’t a clue, I’m not the Secretary’, Katie

  1. Meeting opened, regardless of whether another is already in progress, so there!

  2. Distracting people with the Winnie-the-Pooh Society.

  3. Jonathan is wandering up and down the street looking lost.

  4. Everyone else arrives.

  5. One can acquire a taste for tea. It makes meetings a lot easier: passed.

  6. Owen’s samovar is back. Hoorah!

  7. Mustard.

  8. Owen has made tea and cardamom cake.

  9. John-h should get his own samovar; he can’t have Owen’s: passed.

  10. Biscuit hustings.

  11. The party rings are not suitable for vegetarians.

  12. The macaroon is actually an amoretti biscuit and Dunstan is actually Roz.

  13. Stripy socks are always the correct attire: passed.

  14. Biscuit dunking: 30 for the (purple) party ring.

  15. John-h must go round the whole room and ask everyone to put a marshmallow in his drink: passed.

  16. John-h is not allowed to take the marshmallows out: failed.

  17. Votes to let visitors vote: passed.

  18. John-h: `Mmm... I’ve just swallowed Owen’s marshmallow.’

  19. Minuets are read by Alison, Katie and Owen.

  20. We should send them a picture of John-h, if they’d wanted one of Piglet: failed.

  21. What a silly, silly society this is: passed.

  22. Size none high heels: failed.

  23. Oh no, it’s a rhinoceros : passed

  24. Votes to censure the James and Neil for failing to notice the `oow-err’ in Katie’s email: passed.

  25. Ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo: passed.

  26. Votes to censure Neil: passed.

  27. Votes to censure those who did not vote to censure Neil: failed.

  28. Votes to commend John-h for fulfilling his marshmallow challenge: failed.

  29. Biscuit dunking: 16 for the `amoretti’.

  30. Votes to mandate John-h to dip every single biscuit into his hot chocolate and see if they dissolve instantly: passed.

  31. Votes to let biscuits vote: failed.

  32. The biscuit vote: Amoretti win.

  33. `Oh dissolve, you stinky biscuit’: passed.

  34. Balsamic vinegar for your hot chocolate.

  35. It beats mustard on ginger biscuits: passed.

  36. Votes to commend John-h for putting vinegar in his hot chocolate: passed.

  37. Votes to commend John-h for sneakily adulterating the President’s tea: passed.

  38. The giant peach will never crack the puzzle: passed.

  39. We can do the most terrible things to Jack while he can’t respond?: passed

  40. `Edith’s secret motion’ (pumpkins on Halloween are a good thing): failed.

  41. Wife thing.

  42. Neil has problems holding his water: passed.

  43. There was once a motion that walked along the road and met a beautiful princess: passed.

  44. Rosy receives a cheque for £20 for the stall at the freshers’ fair.

  45. If you get a character you do not need to narrate: passed.

  46. Well volunteered: passed.

  47. We should go and check the manuscript to see which is correct: passed.

  48. Votes to censure Edith for not being able to appreciate the rhythm of the poem: passed.

  49. Lying down like this, it doesn’t seem a very good idea: passed.

  50. Votes to censure all those who criticize A.A. Milne: Passed.

  51. Votes to censure Neil for censuring adding bits to the testaments: passed.

  52. You know this is the perfect role for you, Naath: passed.

  53. Sitting next to someone is a really dodgy activity: passed.

  54. We read In Which it is Shown that Tiggers Don’t Climb Trees: Chapter IV, New Testament.

  55. Intervarsity Poohsticks: Katie will write a circular letter proposing Sunday 7th December.

  56. Votes to rusticate John-h: failed.

  57. Next week’s meeting will be in Jack’s room.

  58. `Second it, someone, quickly’: passed.

  59. John-h was to visit Australia and bring a palm tree to the EGM.

  60. Owen withdrew left if the lake: passed.

  61. Votes to close: passed.

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