Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting and Poohsticks Held on 18th October 2003 on Poohsticks Bridge and Silver Street Bridge and in O9 Benson Court Magdalene

Present: Rosy, Katie, John-h, Dunstan, Jack, Chess, Owen, Edith

Guests: Ruth (John-h’s sister), Sara, James

Apologies: Rachel H

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. All of a sudden it’ll be a tradition and we’ll have to: Withdrawn.

  3. Ceremonial Poohsticks for the Captain of Poohsticks.

  4. Votes to censure Neil for not apologising. Passed.

  5. Silver Street Bridge arrives.

  6. We play a celberatory Silver Street Match.

  7. Who wants to go and get a pint before the sticks get here? Passed.

  8. Oxford is closer than Girton.

  9. Further Poohsticks rounds on Poohsticks Bridge.

  10. Votes to censure the Captain of Poohsticks for not being prepared: (result not recorded).

  11. John-h you’re a pillock. Passed.

  12. Danny (whoever he is) hops the Bridge.

  13. Votes to censure Dunstan for being in two places at once: Passed.

  14. Votes retrospectively to allow visitors to vote: Passed.

  15. Votes to have a Mr. Constitution competition: Passed.

  16. Murray Walker- unless I’m very much mistaken.

  17. The majority of the party are converted to Falun Fa Da shiny happy people- with balloons.

  18. I spy a tigger collecting for money.

  19. We have our picture taken with Tigger.

  20. We’re thising to Magdalene. (Adverb pronounced "maudling")

  21. Sainsburys’ arrives. With Mair.

  22. Votes to commend ourselves on our perfect timing. Passed.

Present: Rachel C, John-h, Katie, Mair, Dunstan, Rosy, Naath, Chess, Jack, Edith, Owen, Martin, Neil

Guests: Ruth (John-h’s sister)

Apologies: Rachel H, Alison (implicitly, by proxy)

  1. We like Mair: Passed.

  2. Mmmm. They’re yummy.

  3. We sign the signed picture.

  4. If Rosy’s still here at 5:35 we all have to tell her to go away. Passed.

  5. Is that a general consensus of no sugar? Passed.

  6. Votes to commend Owen on the biscuits: Passed. (Or possibly Mmmm-ed)

  7. "I have some very strange tastes. Possibly one of the reasons I’m in PoohSoc." Rachel C

  8. I was working on the large button theory of computing. Passed.

  9. Eeyore’s hooves are rather large. Passed.

  10. Do we want a date for the EGM? Try speed dating.

  11. The EGM will be on th 15th, followed by Formal Room 1. Probably vegetarian food with a carnivorous option.

  12. Put the EGM on the computer dating system: Failed.

  13. Rachel should show us how the hamsters hop round: Passed.

  14. Rachel should demonstrate. Hung, CR decides against.

  15. Naath’s male is neatly sorted. Passed.

  16. Abernethy biscuits. The tea-dipping test: 14

  17. "Boasters": 171 calories/ biscuit... now we’re talking.

  18. Martin pays his Pooh Levy.

  19. "It’s the chocolate that holds them together."

  20. Owen’s going to have fun drinking that tea. Passed.

  21. Mmmm. Tea with croutons.

  22. Votes to censure all unapologetic absentees. Passed.

  23. Votes to censure Neil for no apparent reason. Passed.

  24. Votes to censure us for giving a reason. Passed.

  25. Votes to censure Neil for our having given an apparent reason. Passed.

  26. The results of the inaugural Poohsticks match of the season are read out. These will be available on the Poohsticks section of the website in due course.

  27. Ducks are an organic object. Passed.

  28. Votes to censure Neil for not putting all his temporary posts on the card. Passed.

  29. Neil will eat all the sweets himself.

  30. Biscuit vote: Boasters win.

  31. Votes to commend Chess for recognizing a biscuit. Gleurgh-failed.

  32. What? Passed. (After Owen wrests his job back from Neil.)

  33. Votes to censure Neil for that thing he just did. Failed.

  34. Votes to censure Martin failing the censure-Neil motion. Passed.

  35. We’ve no idea what it’s for but we’re voting on it anyway. Passed.

  36. Michelle has no taste at all. Passed.

  37. Michael Finnegan: Passed.

  38. Begin again: Passed.

  39. Meeting opened.

  40. Votes to skip reading the minues: Passed.

  41. Votes to retrospectively make the last vote retroactive: Failed.

  42. At which point (mercifully) tea provides a distraction.

  43. That book’s narrating. Passed.

  44. Shall we just start and see what happens? Passed.

  45. Pooh. Ignored.

  46. "Are you somebody?" "No, well yes, I’m me."

  47. We really have to ban your laugh. Passed.

  48. Reading Chapter 6 of the New Testament: "In which Pooh invents a Game and Eeyore joins in."

  49. Votes to commend Naath on that wonderful rendition. Passed.

  50. Poohsoc is much more fun. Passed.

  51. The rest of the meeting must be in four part harmony. Failed.

  52. Owen, we’re trying to have a meeting here. D’you mind making a bit less noise? Passed.

  53. "Bad Sir Brian Botany" Read by Owen, with Ruth as Sir Brian.

  54. "Disobedience" Read by Naath with Rachel C as James, Katie as the notice, Neil as King John, and Someone Else as James’ Mother.

  55. It’s 5:35 and so in a rare example of a mandate being fulfilled, Rosy is thrown out.

  56. Give her the pink stuff. Passed.

  57. A Poohstick sitting on the bottom of the river. Failed.

  58. Votes to censure Neil for such a question. Passed.

  59. We are horrendously Cruel. Passed.

  60. "John-h keeps withdrawing."

  61. If you are going to die, do it in the middle of the carpet. Passed.

  62. Votes to commend the Poohsticks Captain. Passed.

  63. We should remove the withdrawing option, it takes away all the fun. Passed.

  64. Votes to commend Katie for not asking. Passed.

  65. Rachel will win IVFDF. Passed.

  66. "Oooo, arrr, eeee." Passed.

  67. Broccoli. Passed.

  68. Tumble weed: Failed.

  69. Tumblebroccoliweed. Passed.

  70. "Oooo, arrr, eeee." All

  71. ??????? Failed.

  72. Ruth is Rut: Failed.

  73. "I’ve never notied these sheep. They’re quite sweet." Rachel C

  74. Votes to censure Katie for casting aspersions on the illustrations of Shepherd. Passed.

  75. "Katie withdrew as well."

  76. Jack should write a poem in the style of A A Milne. Passed.

  77. (?The?) Jess should help him. Passed.

  78. We could take the first 17 syllables of an A A Milne story and make it a haiku.

  79. "Oooo, arrr, eeee."

  80. Votes to close. Passed.

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