Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting, held on the 1st November 2003 in 15, 4 Bridge Street

Present: Dunstan, Rosy, Katie, Jack, Rachel H, Chess, Edith, Martin, Naath, Owen, Roz

Guest: Rachel

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. If the bin had not been bad in a previous life it would not, now, be full of tea bags. Passed.

  3. Keep doing what? Passed.

  4. Votes to censure Neil for not being here: Passed.

  5. Dunstan gets less voting power when he minutes than when he was James.

  6. Edith: That’s why I avoid courting during role-playing games.

  7. Roz’s friend was in here in 1999.

  8. Minutes of last week’s meeting are read by Rachel H, Chess and Rachel.

  9. Roz has been trying to get a representative (or at least employee) to eat ginger biscuits with mustard.

  10. Votes to censure Martin for losing Ecstatic. Passed.

  11. Votes to censure Naath for putting the minutes into context. Passed.

  12. Votes to let visitors vote. Passed.

  13. Pink wafer biscuits are made with pink, battery-reared spiders.

  14. Biscuit hustings.

  15. Votes to mandate Edith to build Stone Henge out of wafer biscuits. Passed.

  16. Wafer biscuits are all things to all people, but are not a shopping trolley to Martin. Opinion is divided as to whether this constitutes a counterexample or whether it should merely come under the heading of "to within experimental error".

  17. Damn you and your spiders, pink wafer lady. Passed.

  18. Try dipping a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian in a cup of tea to see which disintegrates first. Passed.

  19. I like motions that are apathied... when you read it out it looks like motion apartheid. Failed.

  20. I think we should have "motion duelled to the death". Failed.

  21. Every thirty seconds you just shout "seconded" and see what happens. Failed.

  22. The pink wafer biscuit is dip-tested: it reaches 100 before Katie decides that that’s enough of that and she’d quite like to drink her tea.

  23. Votes to mandate him to make a firewall out of pink wafer biscuits. Passed.

  24. Edith husts for jaffa cakes on the grounds that their evil and evil is good.

  25. Jaffa cakes manage 28 dunks.

  26. Pink wafers are the Borg of biscuits.

  27. Owen’s head is not very flat. Passed.

  28. Roz has an infinite appetite for pink wafer biscuits. Passed.

  29. We should shave Dunstan’s head to see if it is truly cuboidal. Passed.

  30. Votes to commend Dunstan for hitting himself on the head. Passed.

  31. Reading: In which Eeyore loses a tail and Pooh finds one.

  32. Votes to commend Katie for simultaneous translation. Passed.

  33. Katie: I need to know what "came over all funny" is in German.

  34. There are huge tracts of English life that it is not a huge part of. Passed.

  35. Biscuit vote: Pink wafer biscuits win 6-5.

  36. An apple that can speak gets to decide whether Hell has frozen over.

  37. Dante came up with Hell, didn’t he?

  38. OK, so we’ll just throw Edith out of the window. Passed.

  39. Votes to mandate the whole society to try and pick Edith up. Failed.

  40. Votes to blame the Jaffa Cakes. Failed.

  41. Votes to blame the Pink Wafer Biscuits. Hung. Failed.

  42. Votes to blame the Neil. Passed.

  43. Votes to blame Canada. Failed.

  44. Votes to censure Neil. Passed.

  45. Votes to censure Neil for not being in Canada. Passed

  46. Votes to rescind that if Neil turns out to be in Canada. Passed.

  47. Votes to censure Neil for not telling us he was in Canada if it turns out he was. Passed.

  48. The secretary’s going to lose her hand to lactic acid build up. Passed.

  49. Neil definitely deserves the blame. Passed.

  50. So that’s cleared that up then. Passed.

  51. Naath is not a carbon copy of her mother. Passed.

  52. Edith might just emigrate. Passed.

  53. Rosy is to become a dancing girl who jumps out of a cake.

  54. Votes to commend Sainsbury’s for having an offer on Jaffa Cakes at just the right time. Passed.

  55. Votes to censure the clouds for obscuring the sun. Passed.

  56. Votes to censure Neil for the same reason. Passed.

  57. Edith has a mousemat who is a slightly clumsy vampire hunter. (..oh, I see... a housemate)

  58. There are times when it’s important to move the conversation on rapidly. Passed.

  59. Jack should sit on the fireplace. Passed.

  60. Votes to censure Owen for failing to kick Roz in the nose. (No result recorded)

  61. Votes to censure Neil for the same. Failed.

  62. Votes to ?(completely illegible)? Dunstan (who was minuting). Failed

  63. Votes to censure Dunstan’s coat for not being able to sing. Passed.

  64. Votes to show compassion for the coat. Passed.

  65. Votes to censure Neil for being sarcastic about the coat. Passed.

  66. Next week’s meeting in Naath’s house.

  67. Does Jack have a toilet in his pocket?

  68. Jack only has a toilet in his pocket occasionally.

  69. Martin is a toilet.

  70. On purpose. (Written with two parallel biros)

  71. On purpose. (Prabably) (Ditto)

  72. Motion 7711. Failed.

  73. There should be a cull of mathmos. Failed.

  74. If we sterilised all the mathmos the cows would rule the world. Passed.

  75. Neil wasn’t in Canada and therefore runs away.

  76. Edith fits perfectly in the doorway. Hung (Confusedly)

  77. That compassion thing might run out soon. Passed.

  78. We forgot to shave Dunstan.

  79. Votes to close. Passed.

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