Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the 22nd November, 2003 in M5a Second Court, Jesus College

Present: Alison, Chess, Dunstan, Edith, Jack, Katie, Matthew, Naath, Owen, Rachel H, Rosy, Tom.

Apologies: Rachel C, Martin, Neil and John-h (because of rain, work and lethargy)

  1. Rosy opens the meeting and Georgina makes a heroic escape.

  2. It.

  3. A motion: passed

  4. Votes to let visitors vote: passed

  5. Oo-er: passed

  6. Votes to censure Jack for putting the minutes into context, in case anyone has a dirty mind: passed

  7. Votes to commend Mr Constitution for talking without existing: passed

  8. Votes to censure the under-secretary for extrapolating in the minutes: passed

  9. Votes to prevent Matthew from getting the sweets again: passed

  10. Matthew does not exist: passed

  11. Votes prevent Matthew from eating any biscuits: passed

  12. The biscuits are not yet biscuits

  13. Owen brings the chocolate Hobnobs for Neil.

  14. Its called a tazor: passed

  15. I think that tossing testaments is more fun: failed

  16. Votes to censure Cadbury's for changing their biscuits: passed

  17. Votes to censure us for failing to prevent Matthew from eating the biscuits: passed

  18. Votes to censure Rosy for not wearing a silly pink hat: passed

  19. I am wearing a pink hat; a huge frilly silly pink hat' - Rosy: passed

  20. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  21. It's the mug of impropriety: failed

  22. We have to be careful about what we say about Katie's mother because her father is in town and might come and get us.

  23. Votes to censure Edith for bouncing on Rosy's bed, that's Naath's job: passed

  24. Votes to censure Jack for voting: passed

  25. The Biscuit hustings begin

  26. 'Come up with a new husting, Alison': passed

  27. Votes to commend Alison for coming up with a new husting: passed

  28. I despair, I really do: passed

  29. Biscuit dunking: Custard Creams - 17
    Chocolate Animals - 47

  30. Votes to commend Owen for risking his fingers: passed

  31. Votes to censure Neil: passed

  32. We read...

  33. Votes to Censure Tom for putting pauses where there are not any: passed

  34. Biscuit Vote: Chocolate Animals win.

  35. Votes to censure Tom, just in case: failed

  36. Votes to censure people who refer to Santa, instead of Father Christmas: passed

  37. Next week' meeting will be held in 1, IV Library Court, Jesus College.

  38. Votes to close: passed

P.S. 'It's a classic Macavellian move. The new committee will capture the old committee and torture them horribly.'

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