Minutes of the Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting of The Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, held on the 13th December 2003 in Room 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge

Present: Owen, Roz, Rosy, Tom, Edith, Jack

Guests: Yes, although her name seems to have magically disappeared from my notes (whether that means it has in real life too is debatable), for the perposes of these minutes we shall call her Gertrude

Apologies: None

  1. Meeting opened

  2. Rosy's been playing with cornflour again... ...We don't ask anymore abbout it, what she does in her own time is her own business.

  3. Biscuit League - Free Style:

  4. "We started throwing ball bearings at it, but they didn't make good craters, so now we're using Maltesers" - Rosy

  5. HUNNY!!!! (in the Paklava!)

  6. Olives are olives (or so the minutes claim...)

  7. Biscuit league. We decide we should have 2 votes each (F:3 A:1 Ab:0)

  8. Edith's Granny (By that we mean a conversation refering to one of Edith's Grandparents rather than Edith is a trainspotter from Hull)

  9. We finally let visitors vote (F:4 A:0 Ab:1)

  10. Black Tinsel. Apparently you used to be able to get it from the market. This then leads the conversation onto the idea of a Goth Christmas.

  11. Minutes from the 29 November 2003 are offered but not accepted

  12. Tom apparently saw police raiding the Mill Lane Lecture rooms. Roz saw police putting on bullet proof vests where she lives (the same ones getting ready perhaps?)

  13. The art of wearing a dressing gown in the shower (The minutes don't actually state what this art is though)

  14. The Minutes from the 29 November 2003 are read. We don't actually have last weeks minutes though (this is noted so that the secretary may be censure at a future meeting)

  15. We censure Neil for not having a pet Giraffe (F:4, A:0, Ab:1). We never actually checked that he didn't though.

  16. We decide that censuring Neil is a bit harsh (F:3, A:2, Ab:1).

  17. Clocks that count up are cool (don't all clocks do that though?)

  18. Tom should have brought Cheese and Biscuits (F:5, A:0, Ab: 1), so we censure him for not doing so (F:5, A:1, Ab:0)

  19. We decide that we should commend Owen for making tea and then do so (Not sure why as I do it all the time anyway.)

  20. I think the minutes say Edith is Martin's Panda but I can't read them very well.

  21. Feeding ducks with Children

  22. Roz offers to chop Edith's leg off. Edith claims "you can chop them off and hit people with them and they won't die".

  23. Dos attack on the minutes. However, nobody suggested whose Dos we were going to use.

  24. Everyone stares at the Christmas tree... Tree Hypnosis... It's the Demon Christmas Tree (5,0,1). It could go on Television and take over the World!

  25. Rosy's school wanted to make her an Engineer. We ask her what they were going to make it out of and are shocked to discover they were going to use bits of her!

  26. Reading: Old Testament - Chapter 9

  27. Tom is now standing up. We decide that means he wants to dance (F:1 A:1 Ab:1 - Visitor for)

  28. Apparently, Neil is evil. He wants to burn Katie from the indise using just his eyes

  29. Edith can only throw his noises once a day (????? ).

  30. Owen has been a member of poohsoc for too long (F:2 A:2 Ab:2 - Visitor: abstains)

  31. Biscuit vote:Olives win!

  32. Owen and Roz are going to have a fight, but not actually going to hit each other, so it will be boring to watch... Perhaps they won't...

  33. Katie's baubles

  34. "I don't recall you seeing me with my legs behind my ears" - Jack

  35. There is a nice flat surface on Jack to Iron on

  36. Roz's & Jack's knees are in different places. Roz's is on her leg while Jack's is on his

  37. If I wasn't minuting I'd minute that, but as I am I won't: Passed

  38. Guinea pigs make the kind of noise a bubble machine would make if the noise a bubble machine made was correctly onamatopoeic

  39. We've scared them off with the size of Roz's Pizza (3,0,1).

  40. The chair has got a screw loose

  41. "A surprising number of people were in London that night" - Jack
    "Owen & Roz" - Rosy
    "Most of the population of London in fact" - Owen

  42. Votes to close: Passed

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