Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 07/10/2000 in O10

Present : Chris, Owen, Martin, Jenny, Claire, Richard, Neil, Kirsten, Benedict, Jon, Ben

Apologies : Yasmin

  1. Jenny opens the meeting.

  2. Richard pays to join.

  3. Kirsten reads the minutes from 01/10/00

  4. Votes to censure Martin for being nasty to Claire: Passed.

  5. Jenny confuses Martin and Owen again and is censured for it.

  6. Chris reads the minutes of the freshers squash held between 2:00 and 3:30.

  7. Owen will write a letter to Heffers and then bring it to the next meeting to give us a chance to look at it before he sends it.

  8. Owen mentions the shop on King's parade.

  9. Kirsten, Benedict and Jon all pay to join.

  10. We invoke clause 41 of the constitution (4th revision).

  11. Chris is going to drag Girtonians to the next meeting in shopping trolleys.

  12. The minutes from 01/07/00 are read out.

  13. Jenny likes wiggly things.

  14. Jenny gives Claire the treasury.

  15. Claire decides to count all the money in the cash box.

  16. Jenny will hand in our GAC allocation for the year.

  17. The What Cam thing is mentioned again.

  18. Jenny's found a little something.

  19. Correspondence is read out.

  20. Owen wants links for the website.

  21. What a lot of biscuits there are.

  22. Computers are repeatedly mentioned.

  23. We discuss what to spend the money on, T-shirts and mugs are mentioned as well as buying a society minibus.

  24. The above problem is solved when Claire claims the money is all hers.

  25. You have to squiggle it with a little more finesse.

  26. People from Homerton are not able to Squiggle it.

  27. We mandate Claire to buy a new cashbox for the society. It must have compartments, though she can have a free choice of the colour as long as it isn't blue.

  28. Reading: In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by Water.

  29. Who is closest to Yasmin?

  30. Ben manages to interrupt this reading as well.

  31. Ben and Jenny go into the kitchen and shut the door.

  32. Votes that Owen should hold the biscuits for ever: hung, Christopher Robin decides against after realising we might need Owen's left hand.

  33. Ben reads minute 47 from 24/06/00 the one with the Gurmukhi characters.

  34. Ben gives Martin lots of things for the archives.

  35. We think the society is in it's 8th year.

  36. Jenny confuses Martin and Owen again.

  37. We discuss past members.

  38. Ben got to be a model.

  39. Jenny has lots of pairs of shoes with her.

  40. Ben threatens to rip up Benedict.

  41. Votes to censure Kirsten for not having the coasters: Passed.

  42. Ben pays to join.

  43. Votes to congratulate Claire for finally managing to open the cashbox on her own: Passed.

  44. We will investigate getting a bank account.

  45. Primrose league

  46. We learn that Jon can talk.

  47. Ben's car doesn't work.

  48. Ben's legs gone to sleep, maybe this is due to the computing conversations going on at this point.

  49. Votes to close: Passed.

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