Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held 6pm on 14/10/00 in H1 followed by Formal Hall.

Present : Martin, Owen, Richard, Neil, Jenny, Jennyís Mum, Claire, Kirsten, Benedict, Andrew, Rosie, Ian, Pranav, Jon, Miklos, Mary, Laura, Debbie, Jeremy (in Formal hall briefly)

Apologies : Yasmin, Chris

  1. Jenny opens the meeting early and on the stairs.

  2. The teddy bear has a wire out of its back.

  3. Martin breaks the furniture but Jenny doesn't notice.

  4. Rosie has paid to join and Jenny gives Claire the money via Owen.

  5. Claire's moving into Jenny's room.

  6. Claire shows us the cash box she has bought.

  7. The scaffolding is the library extension.

  8. Benedict shows more sense than anyone by trying to run out the door.

  9. Claire's birthday is the 18th September.

  10. Jenny wants to set fire to the birthday cake.

  11. Kirsten will stand down as coastguard so a new one can be elected in the EGM.

  12. Votes to censure Kirsten for forgetting the coasters: Passed

  13. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  14. We have a birthday cake in honour of Pooh's birthday.

  15. Blue candles are 10's, pink candles are units.

  16. Claire has scales.

  17. Can you buy sugar by the ton.

  18. Votes that Claire should just send cake next week and not turn up herself: F:3 A:4 Ab:1 failed.

  19. You can confuse London and Egypt easily.

  20. The cake made by Claire is absolutely splendid: Passed.

  21. Votes to ignore the clause in the constitution that makes us have the reading at the start of the meeting: Hung Christopher Robin decides against.

  22. Claire asks Martin to show her his testaments.

  23. Reading Chapter 6: In which Eeyore has a Birthday and gets two presents.

  24. For the third meeting in a row Ben interrupts the reading.

  25. Votes that Claire can hop up and down: Passed.

  26. Many votes are proposed but none of them are seconded.

  27. Owen's letter to Heffer's is read out.

  28. Votes to commend Owen for the letter: Passed

  29. Votes to make Owen send the letter: Passed.

  30. Jenny reads out various correspondence.

  31. Votes to censure Jenny for breaking the rules of precedence: Failed.

  32. Votes to let Debbie supported by Jenny become a member: Passed.

  33. Ian and Miklos become members.

  34. Votes to let Laura and Mary supported by Jenny become members: Passed.

  35. A message from Yasmin is read out.

  36. Minutes from the Freshers Squash on 7/10/00 are read out.

  37. Minutes from Elevenses meeting 7/10/00 are read out.

  38. Claire has learnt how to squiggle it now.

  39. Ben is being beaten up by up by Kirsten.

  40. Next weeks meeting will be in Q9.

  41. Votes to close, after a quick Presidential message suggesting that the meeting stays open so that Martin has to minute all through Formal hall due to being nasty to Claire recently, the motion fails and the meeting stays open.

  42. Claire waits for Martin, Claire needs Martin, Claire wants Martin.

  43. "Do you want a screw, Ben" - Claire

  44. "Ben asked for one" - Claire

  45. Something Martin says gets twisted into a marriage proposal to Claire.

  46. After several minutes Claire replies to the proposal with "Iím rather busy at the moment with my teaching practice, but if you ask me again later I'll think about it"

  47. This discussion then continues for the rest of the night (see below for edited highlights, not necessarily in chronological order) ending in Martin and Claire creating an engagement present list (see attached sheet).

  48. "You would be my toy boy" - Claire
    "The age gap isn't that much" - Martin
    "suppose not" - Claire
    "Anyway, why are we trying to justify out relationship" - Martin
    "True, we don't need to justify our relationship to anyone we can be together if we want to!" - Claire

  49. Engagement rings are discussed but Claire says you'll need a curtain ring to fit over her finger.

  50. Ben attempts to conduct a marriage ceremony for Martin and Claire but fails to remember their names correctly.

  51. Claire says to Martin "Feel"

  52. Martin and Claire discuss ways of getting over the problem that Claire feels she is getting too drunk to cycle home and doesn't want to walk home alone in case someone steals her.

  53. "We have a two year history" claims Claire, about her and Martin.

  54. Martin gets Claire hot and flustered and Claire pretends to be a small dog.

  55. Claire and Martin discuss when and where the marriage should be, what the marriage should be like and who to invite, they then give up on this and wonder if they could go and find the Dean to marry them there and then.

  56. Owen had a screw in Oddbins before he came.

  57. Pembroke port is the best value for money for alcohol after methanol.

  58. Votes to be nice to Claire in next weeks meeting: Passed.

  59. Owen apologises in case he is late next week.

  60. Votes to close: Passed.

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