Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 03/02/2001 in 7a Botolph lane.

Present : Ben, Rosie, Martin, Owen, Jenny, Ian, Kieran, Claire, "the other Claire who is in the kitchen, maybe", Charlotte, Debbie

Apologies : Kirsten, Benedict, Richard, Andrew

  1. Martin opens the meeting.

  2. Door.

  3. We can call Kieran what we like.

  4. Society cheque books need calculators to write in them.

  5. Ian doesn't want to lose his testaments.

  6. Boiling worms to make silk.

  7. Rosie sniffs Ben's big one.

  8. Votes to censure Ian for running of to a party: Passed.

  9. Votes to censure Ian for running of to a party because there is better company there: Passed.

  10. "Can you get it online" - Ben

  11. Votes to have a budget at the AGM with the red cash box: Passed.

  12. Letter to Court of Human Rights is read out.

  13. Votes to send the letter, F:3, A:1, Ab:2: Carried.

  14. "Can I nick one of your fingers Ben" - Owen.

  15. "I hear a crash whenever water comes out" - Claire
    "I would see a doctor then" - Ben

  16. Votes to censure Martin for pinching Claire's buttons: F:5, A:0, Ab:1: Passed

  17. Glowing Pooh would freak us out.

  18. Recycling ink cartridges.

  19. Claire reads the minutes from the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh society meeting held on the 27/01/2001.

  20. Rosie's forgotten the moustache again.

  21. One of the diaries has been abducted by aliens.

  22. You get lots of Claires without eyes.

  23. "Do people not read their Pooh every night before going to bed" - Ben

  24. We have to do things about our listings.

  25. Claire reads the minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society meeting held on the 30/01/2001.

  26. Votes that next weeks minutes should be in alphabetical order: Passed.

  27. Votes that "Claire thinks that Owen's going to choke", F:2, A:2, Ab:2, Visitor decides For so Passed.

  28. "When you get married, have children" - Claire

  29. Reading: In which Eeyore loses a tail and Pooh finds one.

  30. Debbie phones.

  31. Votes to censure the network for being down: F:4, A:0, Ab:2: Passed.

  32. Rosie owes the society 7.98.

  33. Votes to censure Jenny for absconding during the meeting: F:4, A:1, Ab:1: Passed.

  34. "I think I pulled something at dancing" - Claire.

  35. We are having spicy Christmas tea because it is February.

  36. Charlotte appears and then promptly disappears.

  37. Ben's missile toe.

  38. Votes to censure Martin and Claire for getting serious in the corner of a poohsoc meeting: F:3, A:1, Ab:1.

  39. Where is Seaton?

  40. We want two small balloons.

  41. Poohsticks rules.

  42. Rosie owes the society another 1.50 making 9.48 in total.

  43. "When was McDonalds invented".

  44. Does Debbie want anything from Pooh corner.

  45. "I'm sore everywhere" - Claire

  46. Claire had Thursday, Thursday made her sore because she used parts of herself that she hadn't used for a while.

  47. "There's a tart left" - Ben, but who was he referring to.

  48. Claire writes down Martin's room number to go to next Saturday at 4pm, even though poohsoc will be held in Ian's room on that day.

  49. We wonder if Claire's above mistake was a Freudian slip.

  50. Debbie owes the society 10.98

  51. Votes to close F:2, A:3, Ab:1 Failed.

  52. Votes to close F:3, A:2, Ab:1 Passed.

  53. "I'll go on top shall I" - Claire to Martin.

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