Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society normal Meeting held on the 25/01/2003 in E1, Buckingham Court Magdalene.

Present: Owen, Martin, Rachel, Jon, Rosy, Rachel, Alison, Dunstan, Neil, John-h, Ecstatic, Jack

Apologies: Rosie, Jenny, Roz, Naath, and Adam

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Archeologists go to the ruins of churches to make biscuits: Passed

  3. Itís a ploy for Alison to move into Owenís room: Hung VCR for

  4. It was very kind of Rachel to provide us with a balcony to jump off: Passed

  5. A college can charge for oxygen as a privilege: Passed

  6. You are not from this planet: Hung VCR "if Iím dripping on you"

  7. Rosy thinks it is a fudge car: Passed

  8. Rachel mentions the pains of having a small teapot

  9. Votes to close: Failed

  10. This meeting is a grade 2 listed meeting: Passed

  11. It takes a meeting 5 minutes to disintegrate of its own accord: Passed

  12. Do you need planning permission to bypass the VCR?

  13. Any sentence is proposed: Passed

  14. Seconded: Passed

  15. Votes to read the minutes backwards in terms of sheet order: Passed

  16. Minutes of the poohsoc meeting held on the 18/01/2003 are read by Owen, Alison, Jon, Rosy, Rachel and John-h

  17. Itís Neilís opportunity to learn to write with a plate: Passed

  18. "What makes you think I want to meet women" Neil

  19. Owen isnít here at the moment: Passed

  20. Neil thinks the VCR is against him: Hung VCR against

  21. Votes to censure Rosy for mixing up Alison and Martin: Passed

  22. Votes to commend Rosy for trying to shift a censure from Alison to Martin: Failed

  23. Minutes ending in 22

  24. Curry leaves

  25. The word in there was cabbage: Passed

  26. The word should be anything: Passed

  27. Rachel is proposed for a position (though Neil wonít tell us which): Passed

  28. Minutes of the Poohsoc meeting held on the 18/01/2003 are read by Dunstan and Rachel

  29. Its best to not go firing other peoples weapons without permission: Passed

  30. Votes to censure biologists for creating pointless fruit flies: Passed

  31. Neil is the committee: Failed

  32. Jack pays his pooh levy

  33. They got the first two and a half letters right: Passed

  34. John-h is obsessed with Neilís hair: Passed

  35. Votes to censure ourselves for not reading those minutes backwards: Failed

  36. Votes to censure Dunstan and Rachel for not reading them backwards: Passed

  37. Votes of the Poohsoc committee meeting held on the 25/01/2003 are read by Martin

  38. We havenít elevated Alison to the committee: Failed

  39. Votes to censure all of us for interrupting poor Martin: Passed

  40. Neil should practice until he can do exactly what that hamster can: Passed

  41. Neil will get a motor installed in his arm: Passed

  42. Neil will be very nice and leave his contact details to the society: Passed

  43. Neil and Alison should change subject: Passed

  44. Caster beans are the beans you roll furniture on: Passed

  45. We could send Jack Straw to Iraq: Passed

  46. We could send the whole of the labour party to Iraq: Passed

  47. We could send the conservatives as well: Passed

  48. Votes to send every party except the Monster raving Looney party to Iraq: Failed

  49. Votes to censure people for discussing politics: Passed

  50. Neaauugghhh: Passed

  51. Nobody wants Rachel to read about where to have tea: Failed

  52. Votes to appoint Alison to look after the CUSU exec.: Passed

  53. Rachel reads the thing about the tea

  54. Theyíve got waiters who hover and propel themselves with champagne: Passed

  55. Votes to mandate the Foreign Secretary to write to them concerning tea: Passed

  56. Votes to censure them for making tea with Pooh bear: Passed

  57. We should have Christmas cake in summer and strawberry cheesecake in winter: Passed

  58. Neilís glad heís not on Rachelís bookshelf: Passed

  59. Jon didnít have a more important essay to write this week: Passed

  60. Votes to commend Rosie for getting Pooh into her dissertation: Passed

  61. Neil wants to sit next to Alison: Passed

  62. We should have a 91/2 anniversary dinner the week after next: Passed

  63. Votes to allow Jack to sit on Neilís knee: Passed

  64. Dunstan is poohsoc reserved

  65. Reading: In which Rabbit has a busy day and we learn what Christopher Robin does in the mornings

  66. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  67. Neil apologizes for apologizing and will never mention it again

  68. There are days when spelling oo-er is all that counts: Passed

  69. Votes to commend Rachel for a superb rendition of Pooh poetry: Passed

  70. Votes to ban Owen from saying oo-er: Failed

  71. Votes to ban Owen from saying oo-er: Hung VCR against

  72. Can we have votes to censure Owen for interrupting the reading: Passed

  73. Votes to censure Owen for interrupting the reading: Passed

  74. Next week N7, Pembroke 5pm

  75. Neil must be going: Passed

  76. Rachel may be going home for a celeidh

  77. We will ignore Ben: Passed

  78. Dinner

  79. SG afterwards

  80. We donít want to know how familiar Alison is with the cutlery: Passed

  81. Fife and knork: Passed

  82. Votes to close: Passed

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