Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 25/11/2000 in Rm. 8, 27 Bateman Street.

Present : Martin, Claire, Michael, Owen, Debbie, Rosie, Andrew, Ben, Jenny, Philip

Apologies : Yasmin, Richard

  1. Michael Pays his Pooh levy.

  2. Claire opens the means the meeting.

  3. Claire tells us about the Romans.

  4. A computer conversation is held (even though only Martin, Claire and Michael are present).

  5. Does Martin want a cup of tea: F:1, A:0, Ab:2, It appears he does.

  6. Claire had a cake type disaster.

  7. Vote to censure boots for not making Claire any better: Passed.

  8. Votes to censure everyone who isn't here and hasn't apologised: Passed.

  9. Votes that Claire's a good hostess: F:0, A:4, Ab:0. Failed

  10. Jenny and Ben are coming.

  11. Are hobnobs without chocolate better than Jaffa cakes.

  12. Andrews taking his trousers off in Claire's room.

  13. Firemen entering Claire's room through the window.

  14. We try to annoy Claire by shouting door.

  15. Votes to censure Claire for suggesting her room, thus making us all come out in the rain: Passed.

  16. Votes to censure Claire for making Owen and Debbie stand out in the doorway: Hung.

  17. Votes to commend Claire for making Owen and Debbie stand out in the door way: Passed.

  18. Jokes about Carols are made.

  19. Votes that Claire is the waitress: Passed.

  20. Votes that Martin is a very rude little boy: Passed.

  21. Ben's had a reply from the house of Lords.

  22. Votes that Rosie looks better in the picture with only half of her on: Failed.

  23. Votes to censure Jenny for being: Failed.

  24. Votes of eeeeuuuuuggghhhh to Ben and Jenny: Passed.

  25. Votes to have Jaffa cakes every week: Failed.

  26. Votes that we should vote on which is better: Passed.

  27. We do so and decide that Jaffa cakes are better.

  28. We try ringing McVities to tell them but the helpline is shut.

  29. There's a mouse in the hobnobs.

  30. Votes to phone the emergency hot line: Failed.

  31. Votes to censure the people who made Ben late: Passed.

  32. Votes to commend the person who made Jenny late: Passed.

  33. Votes that Owen should sit their staring: Passed.

  34. Votes that Martins a sneaky mathmo: Passed.

  35. Votes to censure Andrew: Passed.

  36. Owen shouts "Everybody down".

  37. Votes to make Martin do it properly: Passed.

  38. Owen tries reads the letter he has written.

  39. But then fails to read his own handwriting.

  40. Votes to give Owen a round of applause: Passed.

  41. Owen reads the next letter.

  42. Martin can read Owens handwriting better than Owen can.

  43. Votes to censure the busses for not trying to kill cyclists: Passed.

  44. Votes to make that picture happen: Passed.

  45. Votes that Jenny has to kill Ben anyway: Failed.

  46. Votes that Jenny can't call Ben names: Passed.

  47. Votes to have sponsored minute reading: Failed.

  48. Votes to revoke Jenny's right of freedom of speech: Passed.

  49. Votes to take this to the court of human rights: Passed.

  50. Votes that Owen should write to them: Passed.

  51. Votes that the law of the land is superior to all other laws: Failed.

  52. Rosie offers to make Jenny happy.

  53. What is the name of this shape

  54. Jenny reads minutes from 18/11/00

  55. Votes to censure Claire for not going in: Failed.

  56. Ben spits at Claire.

  57. Votes to censure Ben for the above: Passed.

  58. Who ate all the pies?

  59. Votes to censure Ben for reading non-society stuff: Passed.

  60. Votes that Owen doesn't have enough books to read: Failed.

  61. Reading: In the Dark, The End.

  62. We are 7 years old.

  63. The minute where we declare war on Sheila and Her Dog Society (spit, spit) is read.

  64. Minutes from a long while ago are read by Rosie.

  65. It was Sarah who read lines and squares to excess.

  66. We need a brief description of the society for the JPC.

  67. Jenny will write above and send it to the mailing list.

  68. Votes to sort out an opt in spam list: Passed.

  69. Votes to mandate Claire to check her email more often: Failed.

  70. First constitutional meeting of next term (20th Jan) in Rm 7, 10 Selwyn Gardens.

  71. Next weeks meeting in O10.

  72. Votes of eeeuugghhh: Passed.

  73. Votes to close: Passed.

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